IT Infrastructure/Network

Your technology solution is only as good as its building blocks. Something as simple as a malfunctioning video card could crash a server and bring down your network. A virus could corrupt your file system. A flood could destroy your building.  At Avende, we offer a comprehensive set of support options via our Managed Services which will help to prevent such catastrophes or minimize their long-term impact.

Avende supports the complete stack of Microsoft platform products, including Exchange, SQL server, Windows, desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, e-mail clients, etc., as well as products by other vendors.

Our network team also can help with:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Network Traffic Control (managing which sites are accessible)
  • Security and Virus Protection
  • Storage
  • Remote Acces/VPNs
  • Virtualization (and configuring local machines for “cloud” applications)
  • Cabling, equipment installation and server design