End-to-End Solutions

Avende offers the following professional services.

Needs Analysis

Our professional staff includes consultants with experience in all aspects of business management. We apply best practices from different industries and company types to your projects. Along with our core staff, we have built alliances with other professionals whose expertise fits even the most highly specialized environments.

Before you build a technology plan, you need to understand your current business systems. Are the underlying processes solid and what impact will changing them have throughout your business? Moving forward, what are your plans for growth and how will your technology needs change? By understanding your company’s vision, we can help you anticipate changes, stay productive and maintain competitive advantage.

Solution Design and Implementation

Selecting hardware or software is only one step in the final outcome of your project. With the increasing complexity of business software, your system design and implementation is just as vital as the software code. Establishing security and access rights, developing charts of accounts, team communications and change management all play a part. You may also require some custom programming to integrate your legacy systems.

Successful implementation of a new system requires extensive planning – planning that compensates for the real challenges of project management: internal communication, resistance to change, training and unforeseen challenges. Avende uses project management methodologies tested by hundreds of implementations of various software and hardware products. We work closely with your team to deliver your project on time, within budget, and with quantifiable improvements in your productivity.

On-going maintenance, break/fix and tech support.

Our relationship doesn’t stop when the product is installed. We remain at your service to ensure that your system runs effiiciently.  We determine how much on-going support each client needs. In some cases clients choose to outsource all of their IT services to Avende, and in other cases they only call us when they have a specific issue. We don’t believe in making clients dependent on us – unless they tell us that’s what they want!

We apply these skills to the following practice areas: