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Is your IT infrastructure holding you back?

Does your business belong in the cloud?

Did you get a good backup last night?

We know IT and business technology may not be the central focus of your business, but in most cases it is a very critical component to your business success.  Over the years we have worked with various business types, sizes and industries and have developed a good sense and understanding of what works for many businesses from a technology standpoint.  With that said every business is different and it is our goal to take our knowledge and combine that with current technology and provide the best available services to help your business succeed.  From help desk support, to critical server monitoring, cloud solutions to project services, and everything in between, our primary goal is to provide top notch services and create trusted relationships with our customers.

Managed IT

Managed IT from AVENDE can help you budget your IT spending while ensuring consistent performance across your technology systems.  We can personalize an option for you to manage your day to day IT support needs along with pro-active management of the technology systems within your environment for a flat monthly fee.   We do this with a variety of service offerings ranging from 24 x 7 server monitoring to full service, all-encompassing IT support, and everything in between.  Our personalized approach has proven effective over the years where we opt to tailor a set of solutions for your specific needs, rather than try to fit your business into one of a few categories of support plans.

Private Cloud Hosting

As technology evolves we see more and more business struggling to navigate all of the hype about the cloud and what that means for their own business.  Should they move data to the cloud?  What are the risks?  What/Where is the cloud?  With so much information out there it does get overwhelming and confusing.  AVENDE can help navigate these questions and help get your business technology needs aligned with solutions that makes sense for your specific business.

Along with a variety of cloud solutions that we can support, we specialize in providing top of the line virtualization and hosting services in a private-cloud setting where along with our support you still maintain access and control of your hosted server environment.  AVENDE specializes in areas such as application hosting for business-critical ERP systems, server hosting, co-location services, to hosting entire -centralized infrastructures.

Project Based IT

AVENDE has successfully helped many customers with IT projects such as Office 365 migrations, Exchange migrations, Citrix Farm deployments, VDI deployments, to large office relocations, and many more.  In many cases customers have IT support but they do not have the time or expertise to rollout a larger scale project.  Other times business might not have specific IT people and need consultation and guidance on technology projects.  Whatever the case AVENDE is here to align businesses with solutions that make sense for them and assist where we can.


Server virtualization, whether hosted or in house can simplify your infrastructure to make more efficient use of storage, network and computing resources.  There are various benefits to consider, such as, server consolidation which reduces costs on hardware/operation and energy consumption, server/data protection through high availability, less downtime,  pre-production staging environments, and many many more.  Desktop virtualization allows for a faster, better managed delivery option for the user desktop experience as well.  Along with running all of our business-critical applications in a hosted/virtualized environment, we have many customers whom we have helped make the transition to this technology.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

AVENDE provides solutions from simple office file backups to complete Backup and Disaster Recovery planning and implementation.

ERP Services

Today, financial management means much more than just producing checks and invoices. A solid accounting system is as vital to the success of your business as the products and services you provide.

In fact, a good financial management system can help you track costs, improve productivity and identify opportunities for increased profitability. Avende can help you find a system that will go beyond recording checks and balances and will actually help pay for itself by giving you information you need to run your business better.

Whether you are controlling a large enterprise, need to enhance your business processes or just need a solid, GAAP-compliant accounting system for your growing business, Avende can provide a solution.

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