Whether you’re a large company with 50 clients or a smaller establishment representing five, there’s nothing more important than customer satisfaction. When evaluating your clients, can you recall what accounts have been recently updated or modified?  When did you last talk to them? How many service calls have you received? What sales are set to close next month? Avende offers a variety of software solutions and best practice consultation

customer relationship services

which will allow you to better manage your relationships with customers, partners, constituents, members or whoever you need to reach. With Avende’s customer relationship management services, we maintain and improve your customer relationship management (CRM) practices and assist in planning future CRM goals.

Know your client. Because each account has different needs, Avende’s CRM offerings help keep track of every piece of the business that connects you. From account management to the support systems in place, our certified technicians keep all CRM software updated and easily accessible on your company’s servers, or living in the cloud if you prefer.

Past, present and planning.  Your customer database is one of your most valuable assets. Doesn’t it make sense to treat it that way? Let us help you design a system where you can keep records of all your customer interactions, ensure that you stay connected and top of mind with them, and keep them as a customer long into the future.

Are you ready to create a tailor-made IT service that is sure to keep you and your clients happy?  For more CRM software advice or a consultation about our CRM services, contact your local IT technicians, Avende, today.