New requirements for electronic medical records management have been handed down to medical practices in the U.S., along with stiff penalties for doctors who choose not to comply. Because we have a number of clients in the healthcare industry, Avende decided to locate an EMR product which would meet federal requirements with the least amount of pain in implementation.

We discovered gloStream, and their products gloEMR and gloPM for Electronic Records Management and Practice Management. We especially like this product because it is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and makes full use of Dragon Dictation. Other products only meet some of the federal requirements, require proprietary hardware or otherwise have what we consider barriers to successful adoption.

If you know medical professionals who are suffering from ERM anxiety, who are in the process of selecting software or who may be looking to change systems, send them our way. We can help ensure that they qualify for applicable stimulus funds and most importantly, that they have a solid, successful product on which to run their practice.