When choosing an IT provider, it is ideal that your chosen one works in all industries, and especially the industry you work in. Because of our decades of experience at Avende, we have learned best practices across different industries. In addition to general business solutions, we have specialized knowledge in the following markets:

Nonprofit and government. Nonprofits are very budget driven. Our IT by Design services help with managing budget demands as well as technology planning. In addition, we understand association management, constituent and donor management systems and how they integrate with accounting and marketing applications. We work with many levels of nonprofit groups, from very small city-based nonprofits to large statewide associations. We also have worked with state and local agencies.

Manufacturing/wholesale distribution. The special challenges of manufacturing and wholesale/distribution companies include inventory management, shipping and receiving, order processing, demand planning Raw materials forecasting and ways to reduce loss. Our IT by Design solutions can assist with basic IT needs such as network connectivity as well as more complex software designed for these special industries.

Food services. We support entertainment and food services industries in both the corporate office with HR and payroll, order management, and basic IT support as well as working in the restaurant facilities themselves, implementing patron wireless systems and working as first point of contact with restaurant management applications and credit card system vendors.

Financial services. We support financial advisor and holding companies including their complex reporting and accounting needs, as well as government-mandated compliance programs for IT with regard to security and backup management.

Medical. Avende can help your office network become HIPAA-compliant and will keep you up and running. In addition, we strive to get your office EMR ready, and even offer a free EMR readiness assessment to our clients.

Regardless of your industry and its specific needs, contact Avende to determine if we are a fit for your business. We work to fit solutions to your unique business needs.