It is a hectic time of year for some businesses and very quiet for others. And while it’s true that the holiday period can present a host of challenges for any business owner, it’s also a tremendous opportunity to regroup and tackle some tasks that normally fall by the wayside.  Here are a few things you can do to make good use of the slow times in your office.

Test your disaster recovery plan.  Once you have a disaster recovery plan in place, the only way to know whether you’re going to be able to recover from a variety of disasters is to test it.  Disaster recovery mechanisms are critical, so take a moment to do a test of relevant procedures.

Test and implement additional security measures.  The basic principle of security testing is to ensure that software is safe and secure. This can be viewed as a preventive maintenance opportunity to keep systems safe from accidental or malicious use.

Organize your email.  It’s easy to find yourself drowning in email. Spam builds up, Newsletters pile in and important notes from employees or clients can get buried. This is an especially overwhelming problem when you have the need to go back and find a particular message. If you have a decade-long archive of emails, take advantage of spare time by deleting and organizing messages.

Take inventory and remove your obsolete equipment.  Nearly every enterprise has equipment that is outdated or underutilized. Take advantage of free time to identify and determine what assets you have in your inventory, what’s operational, and what is close to nearing the end of its lifecycle.

With the right approach to the holidays, you can regroup and strengthen your business going forward.  Come January, you can confidently jump into new projects and tasks.  For more information about solutions that fit your needs, budget, and timeframe, contact the professionals at Avende.