A disaster could quickly strike your business, leaving you with nothing after years of hard work. In order to handle this, many businesses are putting disaster recovery plans in place. Preparing a disaster recovery plan now protects your IT and business infrastructure and saves you from having to make difficult or confusing decisions in a crisis.

Business Continuity With a disaster recovery plan in place, you can be confident that your business will continue on after a disaster. Recently one of our clients lost a facility in a fire. Fortunately we had a complete inventory of the equipment at that site (both to replace the equipment and to provide to the insurance company) along with co-located servers, so that all critical data remained available.

Reduces need for decision making. In the event of disaster, you will not have to make quick decisions regarding your infrastructure—you’ll know what needs to happen from an infrastructure standpoint and can keep your focus on rebuilding the other parts of your business and meeting customer needs.

Prevents financial loss. Even being down one day can cost your business a lot of money. Disaster recovery plans protect your important information so you can be sure your business will have the ability to operate—even if your building is destroyed.

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