At Avende, we are known for offering a more personalized approach to IT. We realize that technology needs can differ by industry and we strive to serve clients in all types of trades. In order to do this, we offer three different types of professional services to all of our clients.

Complete software implementation: A company’s software is a crucial lifeline for day-to-day operations. For a company to install new software, it usually means a lengthy implementation process. At Avende, we can help make this process smoother by keeping you productive and staying on budget.

Maintenance and break/fix support: Once the software is installed, we won’t disappear. We are there to make sure everything remains running smoothly and are there to help if any problems arise. You can choose to leave all IT services up to us, or simply call us when there is a break/fix issue. Either way, we’re there if you need us.

Needs analysis: Hopefully, your company plans on growing. This is where a needs analysis comes in handy. When growth does occur, how will this affect your current technology needs? With our experienced staff, Avende can help you in times of growth by keeping you updated on all of the latest technology trends in your specific industry.

All of these services are available in a variety of practice areas. Are you thinking of implementing new software or using a managed IT service? Contact us today for more information!