Let’s face it: your mobile device is an indispensable extension of your life. Given the capabilities of these gadgets, to allow you to check your bank account, shop online or work remotely, they are now at greater risks of theft and malicious attacks. Smartphones and tablets need to meet the same security standards as any computer, otherwise they can expose you to identity theft or worse. Listed below are a few simple tips on how to secure your device.

Set a password. Protect your device with a PIN or passcode if you don’t already have one. This is considered one of the easiest ways to protect your information from prying eyes.

Verify. Beware of all applications installed from unknown sources or unofficial marketplaces that offer free applications. Always verify that your software comes from a reputable online store. When searching for an app, make sure it comes from a trustworthy source like Amazon, Verizon, iTunes or Android stores.

Back up often. It is important to try and back up the information on your devices often because crashes, both physical and electronic, can happen at any time. iPhones and iPads can be synched with your computer via iTunes or their iCloud storage solution. This means you have a copy of vital information on your main computer as well as on the cloud. Windows Phones and Blackberry devices also allow for automatic backup services.

Turn off the extras. Turn off services, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and virtual private networks (VPNs) when you aren’t using them. Unused services could expose your device to unwelcome remote connections.

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