Virtualization technology has become more affordable for small and mid-size businesses. Now is a good time to consider whether moving your servers to a virtualized environment can help your company.

Virtualization technology allows multiple “servers” to run on a single device. If your business currently has more than one server, particularly if that server is getting old or slowing down, virtualization can provide you with faster response times and more efficient use of resources.

Server virtualization also makes disaster recovery (or any kind of application backup and recovery) faster than ever. Having multiple working environments allows you to quickly “flip over” to a different environment if something goes wrong in one.

And, moving to a virtualized environment can provide savings on energy costs, because there are fewer devices to power, and less heat being generated by multiple machines.

Your small business servers may be ripe for virtualization if they fall into these categories:

  • They’re taking up floor, rack, shelf or counter space
  • They’re dedicated to particular applications
  • They aren’t uniformly busy

When done correctly, switching your aging physical systems to virtual ones will give you the ability to have redundancy at three levels: physical, switching and storage. Whatever a virtualized server solution you decide upon, it should be able to function properly with your current applications. You should ensure that your IT staff is familiar with the solution since they will be the ones managing it.

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