When you were thinking of starting a business, did you develop a strategy for what would happen when your network server failed?  How about deciding who had administration access to each computer?  Avende believes in providing your small business with the knowledge and ability to be ready for anything when your technology takes a turn for the worse.  IT by Design offers personalized IT systems and management options to make sure your business is performing at top efficiency at all times.

Constant security that’s rock solid. From virus protection and network security management to software updating and traffic control, Rock Solid provides constant protection for your server and individual technology devices. You’ll also receive a monthly updated report on your network safety and security. This report will highlight items that need to be monitored.

A long-term investment with virtual CTO. This program is designed for small businesses that use high-end technology or are already planning for the long road ahead of them. Our virtual CTO plan implements application settings and support, long-term planning and assistance with insights to future technology.

Your very own watchdog. As an easy to use ticketing system, we’re accessible for technology assistance through your team directly or through your personal IT department. With the Watch Dog system, we’ll be available for 24/7 monitoring and reporting.

At Avende, we believe in providing your small business with the most secure network systems and educating your whole team on the step-by-step process for any technology emergency. Is your business ready to invest in a personalized IT service?  Contact us today and receive a consultation for your technology needs!