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Before you select a doctor, dentist or any type of health care provider, chances are that you do your research first. You want to know how long they have been in their profession and learn their career accomplishments. So wouldn’t it make sense to do your research on a potential IT provider? Yes, and you […]

It is a question many businesses are facing these days: to cloud or not to cloud? No doubt about it, cloud and Software as a Service are becoming the new standard in the business world. And why wouldn’t they? The cloud holds many benefits for businesses, including being cost-effective and saving time and trouble. Want […]

When choosing an IT provider, it is ideal that your chosen one works in all industries, and especially the industry you work in. Because of our decades of experience at Avende, we have learned best practices across different industries. In addition to general business solutions, we have specialized knowledge in the following markets: Nonprofit and […]

A disaster could quickly strike your business, leaving you with nothing after years of hard work. In order to handle this, many businesses are putting disaster recovery plans in place. Preparing a disaster recovery plan now protects your IT and business infrastructure and saves you from having to make difficult or confusing decisions in a […]

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Whether you’re a large company with 50 clients or a smaller establishment representing five, there’s nothing more important than customer satisfaction. When evaluating your clients, can you recall what accounts have been recently updated or modified?  When did you last talk to them? How many service calls have you received? What sales are set to […]

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The single most important way you can ensure your business continuity in the case of a disaster is to have a good backup of your critical data. Here are some pointers: 1.) You should have backup copies of accounting data, customer lists, vendor lists, employee lists, and records related to your ongoing business (jobs/projects, etc.) […]